Artist of the month April 2024: David Wade

David is an expert of Islamic art and geometry has published several books on these subjects including “Pattern in Islamic Art’ (1976); Geometric Patterns and Borders (1982); Crystal and Dragon: The Cosmic Dance of Symmetry and Chaos in Nature, Art and Consciousness (Destiny books 1993); Li: Dynamic Form in Nature (2003); and Symmetry: The Ordering Principle (2006).

The artworks show are the recent visual output of these years of research

My long-term preoccupation with the geometrical aspects of art has recently been joined by notions of the Luminous, and of the Numinous as modes of artistic expression.

So, my intention is to convey, via graphic images and models, something of the praeternatural – that is to say, forms that evoke intuitions of realities beyond ordinary experience.

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