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As part of #hiddenexhibition2019 I started research for something I imagined would end up being an installation at the show, a kind of listening machine that extracted people’s hidden desires and sold them back to them as personally branded/ targeted products (so kind of a bit like Facebook, only more honest about it), but I got part way through and realised it was gonna be way too big a thing to do properly before the show and shelved it until I had more time.

I think it’s time to bring it back to life, and I’m gonna need some volunteers to help develop it, read on if you want to play… . 
So, this is a project about desire. What do we hide (even from ourselves), why do we hide it? What might happen if we stopped hiding? Or what do we fear might happen. Through reflecting the answers back, desires become instructions. Hidden thoughts become labels, an identity, wear it. Wouldn’t life be much easier if we all went round with what we really wanted plastered as slogans for all to see. 
So what I need now is a few volunteers who are willing to help me develop the machine script. Basically it will involve filling in questionnaires where you tell me all your deepest darkest secrets, then I make stuff out of them to sell back to you, or anyone else. Bet you’re all well up for that yeah?? Comment below or message me if you want in.

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