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The Real Reason.
You can read the arty waffle artists statement about #23Collages here, (something about how you create your own reality/believe whatever you want to believe), but the truth is when I was making that work I got interested in chaos magic and thought that if I made 23 collages that something interesting might happen. Maybe it did.

The work was originally submitted to Mid Wales Arts “Hidden” show earlier this year and as I wasn’t quite ready to let the work go, I put a ludicrous sale price of £1230 on it. Hey if someone wanted to buy it at that, they could have it. Now I’m ready to send them off into the universe.

The works will be for sale again at the Llanidloes Artists Autumn Show (Minerva Arts Centre, Llanidloes 26.01.19 – 02.11.19) as a full piece for the last time, same price, then a month later I will split the series. On the evening of 22nd November I will hold an event at a location in Llanidloes (venue to be announced). At 00.23 on 23rd November the originals will be offered for sale at the bargain price of £23 (unframed). There will also be limited edition Giclee prints of a selection of the collages available, same price, there’s a theme here… No pre orders, you have to be there. I’m gonna charge the fuck out of that event with magical energy. Who knows what might happen. Should be a fun night. More details soon. Hail Eris! .

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