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After hearing about Bowie’s death I spent quite a bit of time looking over old photos and images that had been produced throughout his lifetime. The constantly changing identities, the costumes, posters, photo shoots and the like. It’s amazing to look through and see the variety from one person. I wanted to do my own illustration, and for me, it is photo with the lightening strike eyes that sum it all up. Such a defining, distinctive image. A lot of his characters are very graphic in their style, but this one seems to be the most easily identifiable – just the simple blue and orange strike and you know it is Bowie. It was the obvious choice.


I got to work, I wanted to see how much I could strip out and still keep the essential Bowieness of the image, eventually deciding that just the eyes and flash icon would do it, I came up with this:


And then.. just as I was finishing the illustration I was contacted to design a poster for a David Bowie tribute night! Again, I kept it very simple, stripped back – with such a strong iconic image there is no real need to do much more.


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