Bowie Illustration on Facebook Ad

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Anyone who lives in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Liverpool watch out for the latest Facebook Ad campaign which will feature my illustration of David Bowie. Created shortly after his death the illustration takes inspiration from the Aladdin Sane album cover and focuses on Bowie’s distinct eyes and iconic flash. I was rather pleased with it, even more so after I was contacted by Facebook and asked if they could license it to be used as part of their campaign “A Place For All”. The image will be used as one of a series of images that show the different ways that Facebook is used by its users, in this case as “A Place for Remembering”. The campaign will run from the end of May until the beginning of July.

Here’s my original illustration:


And this is how it will be used in the campaign, keep your eyes peeled!

DB layout

The Ad runs from 23rd May in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Liverpool. If you spot it take a photo! Not many billboards in Llani!…

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