I’m back!

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So, it’s official. I’m back. My maternity leave has finished (not that it ever really does) and I am back in the studio (not that I ever really left), waiting for the work to flood in!… It has been great to … Continued

Maternity Leave

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As of July 2015 I have been on maternity leave due to the arrival of our second daughter Lucy. I will officially be on maternity leave until March 2016, however do get in touch in the mean time if you … Continued

Just a Pencil

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Sometimes I wonder what is going on. I met a lady at a party about a year ago and for some reason I though, there’s something about her, I have to get to know her. I couldn’t work out what … Continued

Day 3

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Enter Unit D… The view from the window: Sketchbook – Mayfly One: Books in. Started painting… Yellow One. Not sure if it’s finished yet.

New Studio

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New studio… Big room. Old Station Building. Who knows what could happen. Today I am moving in.