23 Collages

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My latest series of collages, “23 Collages” is on show at Mid Wales Arts Centre 12th May – 30th June 2019.

This work is a series of 23 collages of unrelated images and text taken from National Geographic magazines from 1978 and 1979 (the first year of my life). I am interested in how experiences shape who we are and how we come to create a seemingly stable image of reality from a tangle of selective memories. Which things are held to be important, which are forgotten? How does this self-created “reality” effect how we perceive the world and influence new encounters we have.

I see collage as a way to reveal the subconscious – that which is inside us all, effecting our behaviour and yet which feels hidden, even to ourselves. Like in dreams, the images trigger fleeting sensations that seem to hold meaning. The more the conscious mind grasps at that meaning the further away the truth retreats as confirmation bias takes hold, imposes order to chaos and presents it as reality. Thus the process of viewing and attempting to understand the work reveals how we impose meaning on the world and challenges the validity of the interpretations we make.

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